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måndag 4 juni 2012

Football, yellow cards and Monti

Just a quick (and a bit late) update:

This saturday I had the opportunity to watch football, the great nations of Luxembourg and Malta was playing a friendly. It all looked rather gloomy for the maltese, in light of their previous experiences with the luxemburgers. But the maltese part of the audience wasn't gonna let some statistics bother them. And rightly so. Heavily cheering from the audience brought the maltese team to a great victory of two goals against none!

In other, heavy, EU-news, Mario Monti, in-famous for the Monti II, came up with another not-so-popular proposal the other day. In light of corruption in the Italian football league (really??), he wonders "if it wouldn't be a good idea to suspend the game for two or three years.".

Well, no, it probably wouldn't be a good idea... Maybe somebody should give Mr. Monti his second yellow card.

Speaking about yellow cards, those were handed out willingly by the judge in the game saturday. Largely to the luxemburgers, who get their captain sent off already before half-time.

Here a picture of the two teams from 2nd June.

And: Congratulations, Malta!

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